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GE Electric Vehicle Charger

GE WattStation Wall Mount Product Overview

Electric vehicles deserve the best.

What the electric vehicle has been waiting for! In only 4-8 hours GE’s WattStation wall mount delivers a full-cycle charge to a 24 kWh battery. Compare that to the 12-18 hours it would take with an ordinary outlet.

Features and Benefits
  1. Modern design: A smart, timeless design − the perfect complement to any EV.
  2. Simplicity: Plug the EV in and let it charge! A green backlit charging icon will illuminate to signal that the EV is in the process of charging. When charging is complete, users simply wrap the cord around the charging station, keeping it organized and out of the way.
  3. Reduced Energy Consumption: Completely shut off power to the WattStation, ensuring zero energy consumption when not in use.
  4. Installation: With easy to install mounting brackets, installation of the WattStation couldn’t be easier. A sturdy mounting plate with heavy-duty screws and a key lock keep the WattStation securely in place and prevent unwanted removal from the wall. A step-by-step installation video is available for contractors and homebuilders.
  5. Inside or outside: We’ve built a charger that is rugged enough to put outdoors. It’s NEMA 3R rating means it shrugs off rain and sleet, even a coating of ice.
  6. Hard Wired vs. Plug-in Unit: The WattStation wall mount can either be hard wired for more permanent installations or plugged in for simple removal of the unit. Choose the option that works best for you. It can be installed in new or existing construction.
  7. Standards Compliance: SAE J1772; NEC 625; UL 2231, 2251, 2594; NEMA and NIST; cUL 2594 and 2231.

Clipper Creek Convenient Charging with the LCS-25

Small, Reliable, Built to Automotive Standards. The LCS-25 from ClipperCreek is the
ideal solution for home charging. Since the last thing you need is one more item in
your garage, ClipperCreek has packed close to 5kW of power in this small package.
Quickly installs and you are on your way!
Features include:

  1. Easy to install– your electrician can install anywhere. Indoors or out!
  2. Reclosure–if your car can be charged, it will be charged–guaranteed
  3. Lights–indicates charging status
  4. Cord Hanger–low profile stores cord and connector out of the way
  5. Safe, Hardwired–no dangerous plugs for prying little fingers

Siemens VersiCharge

The VersiCharge line can be installed in four different configurations.  The device can be wired from behind, either hard-wired or by using a 30A, 240 V receptacle (30 A devices only). Similarly, the unit accepts bottom- fed cabling or conduit for external wiring, either hard- wired or wired to a 30A 240 V receptacle.

In addition to all the features described, the VersiCharge SG has built in Zigbee wireless communications, designed to work with modern “Smart Meters” deployed by electric utilities. The SG model comes with an expansion port to communicate via Wi-fi, cellular, or future communications protocols. This communication is key when programming the device of setting up utility controlled demand response capabilities. 0.5% accurate metering will help users and utilities measure the amount of energy consumed by the charging system.